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When Is The Right Time to Change Your AC Filter

You should change your AC filter every three months at the very least. To improve AC efficiency and indoor air quality, clean AC filters every six weeks or 45 days. You can now look for professionals for air conditioning services via

Remember to Change Your A/C Filter! - Rural Fuels

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Here are major indicative signs to know:-

High Energy Bills

Increasing health issues are one major sign to watch. Higher the energy bills higher the headache. This sign isn't easy to spot. Compare your previous bills to current bills, if there is any noticeable change, it means your AC may be working hard. Overworked AC doesn't produce the same output as new, which means you are paying more to get less.

 Constructed Air Flow

Now the question is why your AC is working very hard?

Clogged filters block airflow. Air conditioners must have a certain amount of air to work properly. A blocked airflow will ultimately break the AC, completely requiring AC replacement. Look for the dust around AC vents, if other areas are not dusty then your ac is probably blowing dust through a filter.

Is it hot in here?

Little to no cold output is a big sign but this issue does not mean your ac is broken. Give your AC a few minutes to get a start, if you still don't feel any cool air, then definitely your ac filters are clogged. Dust accumulation increases frost inside the AC, making it produce and distribute cool air.

Overheating air conditioner unit

Touch the back of the AC with your hand, if it is producing little to zero cooling. If AC is hot then the ac filter is likeably clogged. An overworked AC will pump warm air with clogged filters.