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Tag: Prevent Your Dog

How To Prevent Your Dog From Peeing Inside

You are horrified as you see that your puppy lifts his leg onto your tv.  Now you believed that you had treated your dogs urinating issues with potty training, but since you are scrubbing the flooring you understand your pet has the peeing issues.  

You don't understand why he's peeing. You only know that you are getting tired of having to wash up your TV stand on a nearly daily basis. You can also take the best care of your doggo with the help of experts of companies like 

So the very first step is to think about your pet era if he's elderly and never had such a problem until calling your veterinarian to rule out any sort of disease.  

Even if your pet isn't old and didn't possess the peeing problem until you are going to want to call your veterinarian to ensure it's not an illness.

As soon as you've mastered the prospect of an illness you'll need to research whether any stressors may be occurring that are going to be causing your dog or pup to be urinating in your house.  

Stressors might be the inclusion of a new puppy, cat, or even individual to the house.  If this is the case you'll need to reestablish for your dog that you're still the boss despite the fact that the new individual in the house might be threatening them.

In the event, the new stressor at the house is just another creature your dog peeing may be an indication of marking the land they claim as their own.  

In case the issue is territorial marking you'll have to talk with a dog trainer or your own veterinarian to discover how to deal with the issue.