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DJs Or Wedding Reception Bands: Which Is Better?

There's no doubt that music plays an important role in making the wedding reception fun and entertaining for everyone in attendance. Seeing guests having a good time, grooving to nice music is simply priceless.

Choosing between having a DJ or wedding reception band to play at your wedding can be confusing and may take some careful consideration. If you want to get more information about wedding bands in Kent, then you can pop over this website.


Do you prefer rock n' roll, country, disco, swing or jazz? No matter what your personal preferences are, a wedding band or DJ should be quick at playing slow or fast music at an appropriate time. They should incorporate classic and contemporary tunes to encourage different guests to be up on their feet and dance.


In terms of price, DJs typically cost less than wedding bands except when you hire celebrity DJs as they can be just as expensive as a live band. If you're thinking of having a band, the more members playing, the higher the price you'll pay since there are more people involved.

Type of music

This helps to set the mood of the wedding and seals a theme. It's what everyone will remember the most. Decide on what music genre that suits your taste and the atmosphere you want to create.