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Tag: Jewelries

Various Range Of Jewelries For Our Body

The jewels are more popular accessories than men, fantastic women wear. One reason is that a good choice of jewelry can really make a big difference in the appearance of a person. 

The jewels arrive in different types and styles to make it correspond to a certain part of the body for which it is intended to be used. You can also style yourself with the beautiful African style earrings from

Believe it or not, but almost all parts of the body can actually be adorned with jewelry.

For the head, the most commonly used jewels are the crown worn by the majestic kings and queens that also serve as a symbol of their high status in society. 

Tiara is also jewelry for the head used in beauty pages and other special occasions like festivals and weddings. 

There are also jewelry pins and barrettes that can be used and placed on the hair. Ancient Greek women wore metal pins to hold the hair in delicate hairstyles.

Earrings, one of the most commonly used jewels, are worn on the ears. Men and women use ears loops that come in many types. 

The ear lobe is pierced to create a hole in which the earring will be placed. Earrings are also made from diverse types of materials such as metal, plastic, pearls, gems, and glass. The poles and threads are the two types of earrings.

The ears are not the only part of the body that can be pierced and put a ring on. The nose too can be adorned with a nose ring. 

Some people find some of our strange and unusual days to see someone with a ring, but even in antiquity, this practice was already made by old people.