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MedSpa Laser Hair Removal: What Does It Do?

MedSpa laser hair removal is a popular treatment that uses lasers to remove hair from the skin. The lasers heat the hair follicles and destroy them, resulting in permanent hair removal. This is a more invasive treatment than other types of laser hair removal, so it may be more expensive, but it also offers greater results.

Dermal infusion is another type of laser hair removal that uses a special solution to target specific areas of the skin. This solution is injected into the skin, where it reacts with the skin’s melanin and lightens the area. To get more details about medspa laser hair removal, you may check it here.

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MedSpa laser hair removal combines the best of both worlds by using both dermal infusion and traditional laser technology. This provides superior results compared to either method alone, and it’s also less invasive than other types of laser hair removal. It’s a great choice for people who like the convenience of dermal infusion, but also want the safety and efficacy of this technology.

Laser hair removal is performed in the office, although some types are also available at home or in salons. In these cases, your hair will be assessed by a trained technician to ensure appropriate results, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions and learn all about laser hair removal as well.