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Some Efficient Ways To Treat Hammertoes

Jan 18, 2022 Health and Fitness

In normal situations your toes are stretching forward, with an innate curve of sliding. However, with hammer toes your toes are at an odd position which closely resembles a hammerand.

The reason for this is that hammertoes cause to bend the fourth and second joints making them appear to be crooked.  If you're not sure of the best orthotic device for you it is always advisable to consult a podiatrist you can also visit for best treatment Towson.

hammertoes towson

Although they can cause no discomfort at first, putting off the treatment of hammertoes will certainly cause pain and discomfort in the near future.

Treatment of HammerToes: 

The positive side is that hammertoes tend to be treated with non-surgical techniques that use simple methods to deal with this problem.

  • Change of footwear One of the best ways to correct hammertoes is to choose shoes that provide more wiggle space for your feet. 

  • Orthotic Inserts Wearing off-the-shelf or custom-made arch support and shoe inserts could help you cradle your feet in a more comfortable and more comfortable posture.

  • Toe Caps Similar to toe slings caps can also help to hold the toes and prevent them from acquiring the appearance of hammers.

  • Exercises and Foot Stretches doing simple foot stretching either in the morning or the evening can increase the flexibility and strength of the muscles, bones and ligaments that support the toes.

Surgery can certainly improve the shape of the body but it is only advised for patients with serious deformities.