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Configuring The Netgear WiFi Extender By The WPS Method Using Pin Option

If you are not getting good network speed and required connectivity from your main wifi router, then buying a Netgear wifi range extender is the right choice for you. Netgear Wifi extender is a useful electronic device that helps the user to extend their network in the dead zones of their home or office. Just buy a range extender and set it up using any of the two methods – manual method or WPS method and place it to a location where you get best wifi signals from your router.

Steps for Netgear Extender Setup Using WPS PIN:

  • Connect your Netgear Extender with your wifi enabled device through the Ethernet cables
  • Plug in the range extender and wait until it completely turns on.
  • Now open the web browser in your device and go to the address bar.
  • Type the site link in address bar and press enter.
  • Login screen is prompted.
  • Provide the log in credentials and tap on login button, you will redirected to the setup page.
  • On setup page, click on setting option, go to “do more” and then “connect devices”.
  • Now you have to navigate on and select the PIN number radio button.
  • Fill the PIN of the wifi device in the empty field.
  • Click on next button and your extender is connected by the WPS PIN.

Now go to the settings option and then go to connected devices in order to confirm whether your extender is properly connected by this pin method or not. Once you are sure that your extender is setup well you can move the extender where the maximum wifi signals are received by the extender. When the Netgear range extender placed on the right location at your home or office then it will give the best of speed, best wifi connectivity for good quality video streaming and gaming, surfing, browsing and much more. If you need any kind of technical assistance while setting up Netgear Wifi Extender, then feel free to contact us at My WiFi Ext Fix and get the required help.