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Why Homeowners Choose Cedar Wood Siding

Homeowners who love their house use cedar wood siding for a simple look. Cedar resists fighting, insect damage, and rot, and therefore forms the ideal side. 

The wood siding is made of cedar, cut into small parts and attached to the outside walls of the house in typical shingles construction. For more information about cedar wood siding, you can visit

Cedar Wood Siding

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Although there are lots of options when one considers siding for the exterior of one's home, such as masonite siding, vinyl log siding, concrete siding, and plywood siding, it is easy to see that compared to other types of cedarwood siding.

There are some reasonable benefits. These sidings resist warping being extremely common with many wood products. Cedarwood contains oil which is an insect repellent and is very powerful. 

Cedar oil prevents rotting in the wood and makes the wood ideal for use in areas such as resorts where the humidity is high. Since many homeowners have to work around a budget, grades are introduced in order to keep consumers informed. As to which grade is the best and which is the most expensive. 

Grade A cedar is more expensive than the other grades. Grade B is considered aesthetically appropriate. Cedar shake siding is also classified by its appearance:

Clear siding: This has a smooth and uniform look with few knots. The Grade A – clear heartwood cedar siding costs the most. Grade B is also good for exterior wall use.

Knotty siding: This type is generally liked by most homeowners. The select knotty siding has small knots and has high stability. Other types that have larger sized knots though aesthetically preferred may have problems regarding stability.