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What A Masonry Repair Company Can Do For You

Whether your home is new construction or an older home model, having a masonry repair service to clean and maintain your chimney and fireplace is essential.

Your chimney is one of the elements of your home that can radically affect the home's value and the safety of your family. You can also get the best fireplace restoration services via SE Brick and Block.

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The masonry repair company can do much more for you than repoint the chimney brickwork. They can inspect and repair all of the elements that go together to make your chimney safe to use.

The chimney sweep

Chimney sweeping is the process of cleaning the creosote from the interior of the chimney. This is essential because creosote can build up and catch fire. Your masonry repair service can do this as they need to clean the material off the brickwork to inspect what is underneath.

The cap is vital to the safety

The cap of the chimney includes the concrete capstones, the metal cap, and mesh, plus the underlying masonry. The cap not only adds to the strength and integrity of the overall structure of the chimney, but it also serves as the safety element to prevent sparks and cinders from flying out on your roof.

Maintaining the fireplace and hearth

Don't forget to have the masonry repair service inspect, clean and repair the fireplace and hearth in your home. Many people make the mistake of only having their chimneys services, but the hearth is also masonry. Making sure that is in good shape is essential for safety.