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Understanding CISSP and Its Benefits

Mar 28, 2022 Main

For all candidates in this IT field, an important qualification is required to become a Certified Information Systems Security Specialist, or CISSP. 

It can be your passport to your dream job that promises wealth and success. Since this is a very important certificate, let’s find out exactly what is required and what is required. You can also get your CISSP certification online at which is also called “CISSP certifiering online at” in Swedish.

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What is CISSP?

An internationally recognized certificate demonstrating the technical and managerial competence of every IT specialist for better security and performance of every organization; This course is offered by the International Consortium for Information Systems Security Certification. 

This course validates professional expertise in all aspects of information security and enhances the individual’s ability to define the design, architecture, control and management of a secure business environment.

CISSP concept

The certification covers a wide range of topics related to information security research. The certification exam is based on the General Knowledge Summary (CBK), which is a taxonomy of all related topics for all IS security professionals worldwide. 

CBK has a comprehensive framework of all terms and principles that enables any professional around the world to discuss and resolve friendly situations. The main areas covered by the certification are:-

Access control systems and methodologies


System development and application security

Business continuity and disaster recovery plan

Investigative law and ethics

Security Models and Architecture

The exam is quite extensive, as you have to answer around 250 questions in about six hours. This exam is not easy to pass, but all successful candidates can expect a complete turnaround in their career.