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Toys for Kids According To Their Age

Not all toys are good for all kids. There are specific types of toys that are appropriate for the child according to their age. Toys for kids should go along with their age, there are studies that explains what kind of toy your child will need when he reaches specific age.

Kids below one year old needs toys that are safe for their mouth, since all kids of that age loves putting everything they grasp inside their mouth. Toddlers wants toys for themselves, they are not yet good with sharing.

They can play alongside with other kids, but make sure they have same toys or else they will start fighting. You may also find more Disney box via or various other online sources.

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Toys for kids like infants (age 0 – 12 months) love things they can put inside their mouth and things that are colorful, so you can give them teether or rattles or simply hanging toys that they can try to reach. Whatever it is that you choose to give them, avoid toys with choking hazards.

Choosing appropriate toys for kids at a specific age means learning something regarding your child. Before you buy your child a toy, make a research on it. Be sure that the toy you buy is not only intended for playing but also consider the child’s safety, and choose a toy that will help in his or her brain development.