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Tips For Finding the Best Wine Storage Rack

A wall-mounted wine rack is ideal when you have a special place for your vintage collection, whether it's an open space in a closet, cellar, or real wine cellar. Today you will find a large selection of design options giving you more flexibility in your choices. Depending on the number of bottles you store, you'll need to choose from a wide selection of wine racks that are the right size for your needs.

The advantage of using the built-in wine storage rack is that you can store the wine so that the label is displayed. This allows you to find the bottle you want without having to pull out several bottles to read the label. Make sure the wall-mounted wine rack is in a cool room and then remove the wine from the hive to allow the serving temperature to rise.


A popular type of wine storage rack is one made of fine maple wood. Depending on the style, you can hang a shelf like the one in the corner and show off some great wine. The corner wine rack has a rounded front and straight shelves on either side. Many styles are elegant and sophisticated, ideal for contemporary homes.

Maple is usually used to make wine storage racks for several reasons. This particular type of wood is odorless and maple is very strong and durable. Therefore, you will not feel the wine bottle shifting which is a hardening problem.