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Tips For Cloning Cannabis Plants

To round out this guide, let's look at some of the most frequently asked questions about cannabis clones.

You can refer to these tips if needed during the cloning process to prepare you for success! Although you can also get best selling clone in Los Angeles online.

Why is my cannabis clone turning yellow?

Cannabis clones will naturally turn yellow over time as they gradually deplete the nutrient stores in their leaves. Some yellowing isn't usually a problem as long as your clone is properly rooted.

If many of your clones turn yellow before they can develop roots, it could be due to problems with high humidity and / or temperatures.

If temperature and humidity levels exist, check the size of your clone. They should only have 2-3 knots and you should cut each bottom leaf.

If you still find that too many of your clones are yellowing, you may want to switch to a different cloning method and see if your results change.

Some manufacturers believe that one method will help them clone more successfully than others.

How do you make cannabis branches faster?

Cannabis clones take time to develop roots, and there is no real way to speed up the process.

However, by creating a perfect, clean and fast environment, and using a good quality root gel, you can maximize the health of your clones so they can develop a strong root system.