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The Product Owner In Scrum

A Scrum team is incomplete without the Product Owner. The Product Owner is the driving force behind the team's product vision. Scrum teams can only succeed if there is a fully engaged, collaborative PO.

The product owner is the product manager with intimate knowledge of the product. The SAFe 5.1 Product Owner/Product Manager acts as the customer representative and is closely connected to the product vision.

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He should be able, at any time, to identify the most important features for the product and assist the team with building those features. Scrum's advantage is that only the most valuable/important parts are built first, and then are released. This is possible only with the help of the Product Owner.

The ultimate responsibility for the success of a Scrum team is held by the Product Owner. He is responsible for achieving the highest ROI (return on investment).

What makes a great Product Manager? What is the product owner's role in driving a Scrum team to success, besides having a deep understanding of the products?

These are the traits that are essential to being a Product Owner.

Total Commitment is a complete commitment to the Scrum team. Although it might not be possible to physically be present in a Scrum team meeting room, the PO should always be available via email or social media.

Product Backlog owner – The PO is the owner of the Product Backlog. This is a list of all features that are desired in the product. This is a list of all the features that are desirable in the product.

Collaboration – The PO must be a team player and communicate well. He must be able and willing to work with Scrum teams at a peer level.