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The Process of New Home Construction

Simply put, new home construction is the process of building multi- and single-family residential homes, large-scale residential developments, or townhouses.

When the process starts new home construction starts with designing and planning. Engineers and architects will draw up the building plans for the project based on the specifications of the investor. If you want the best home construction service then you can navigate this site.

What to Look For in New-Construction Homes: 5 Crucial Aspects

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If an individual has bought a lot in the subdivision then they will draw up a building plan for the homeowner’s home too. Before they will build one or two houses to be used for the open houses and to give a prospective home buyer an idea of what the homes will look like, the contractor working on the project will use this time to develop estimates.

These estimates will hold the investors to finalize the budget of the project. Once the designs are complete the plays will usually be submitted to the local government. This is done to obtain building permits for the project.

Once they have the building permits the contractor can start the earthwork on the site. This will including any grading that needs to be done to create an even level foundation for the new home construction.

During this part of the process, the earth is removed or added as needed. All underground piping is also installed. If there is going to be a crawl space or basement it will also be added at this time.

Once the entire earthwork has been done the next step is to start framing the houses using steel or wood studs. The builders will create walls, roof framing, and floors at this stage.

Once the framing work and exterior work are done it is time to start on the interior work. Electrical and mechanical contractors will run the plumbing pipes and wiring throughout the ceiling and walls.