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The Latest Generation Of Laser Tag

Laser tag is a game that requires precision and skill. Laser tag is a game where you aim to hit other people's targets (strategically placed onto their bodies) using your laser (infrared lights). Guns are most often used to aim at someone's vest. Shooters who aim in specific areas will earn points. Sometimes, in large games, there will be teams. 

Each team will have its own 'base'. Players from opposite teams can hit the base with their laser to shut down that team for a time. The vest stops the gun's shooting for a time and allows one to continue shooting. You can also find a laser tag bowling arcade via

Bowling Laser Tag

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Equipment And Arenas:

Laser tag can be played indoors or outdoors. Fog is used to make the laser visible indoors in arenas. To allow everyone to fully experience the game, a series of vests and guns are given to them. An indoor arena must be understood in order to function properly. You will need a large area with lots of hiding places. Also, a smoke machine and black lights are required. The arena must also have scoring devices. Outdoor arenas require higher-powered laser guns and targeting devices.

Light Strike series is the latest generation of laser tags guns. Light Strike guns offer many more features than regular laser tags. The 6 guns come with 4-6 different types of ammo depending on whether they are a rifle or a pistol. Every gun comes with a built-in health meter that displays your health. Once your health is exhausted, you can "respawn" by pressing two buttons simultaneously.