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The Best Data Center Management Companies in Dubai

Have you been on Google maps lately? If so, have you played around with it? Looked at some of your local landmarks and placed the "little man" on the roads to get a ground-level view? It's incredible what capabilities it offers, and how it is constantly evolving.

This feature is one aspect of the Asset Central data center management solution in Dubai. You're able to track the IT assets of your organization on a Google Maps-type platform. If you have businesses in Dubai, you can pull up the map search and choose a certain location where your assets are located.

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Once a location has been chosen you will have the ability to drill down to these locations' specific assets. From here you will be able to go office-by-office, rack-by-rack to get a visual and informational look at the IT asset's functions and connectivity levels. Imagine being able to visualize this information rather than crossing SKU numbers on spreadsheets. Will that reduce headaches and help your bottom line?

The process of data center management has for a very long time been a time-consuming and difficult process for IT departments. In addition, IT analysts predict that within the next five years, the majority of today's data facilities will reach their physical space capacity. It's also widely believed that most data centers today are underperforming in terms of data storage, and consume abnormal amounts of energy.

However, this is all changing with the recent wave of data center management software that is rapidly becoming available worldwide.

DCIM software solutions now allow organizations to use visual tracking software to manage their entire facility's cabling and rack.

From cables and connectivity to physical asset location, to energy consumption of particular functions of the data center; it can all be tracked using modern data center management software.

Rack centers around the world now can potentially consolidate and better manage their data within smaller racks. This also means that a company can cut costs related to their data center energy usage and improve their overall data management processes.