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Join Summer Community Service Programs

Developing as an Individual and a Team Member

It's important to realize that in the program our individual acts make a difference; however, working with a summer community service program at and with a team, a person can learn that the community is capable of so much more than a single person working towards the same goal.

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The benefits of teamwork and what can be accomplished enhance the larger community. And they can also learn that, at times, an individual's positive efforts inspire the entire community because good works can be contagious. That's because they often learn that the first step to success comes from simply getting started.

After the start is made, others are encouraged to contribute their efforts as well. The teenager can both grow as an individual, and also leave with a huge sense of achievement for what they and their team accomplished.

Memories for a Lifetime

As a trip that will be remembered as the experience of a lifetime, being a part of summer community service programs enables teens to be involved in a truly memorable trip. Not only will they have built friendships with those on their team but with those who their team interacted with during the program.

They will come to know the people whose lives they have impacted, and will return home a more confident global citizen. The teenager may also develop a greater respect for the world in which we live and the things that they hold important in their life.