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Thumb Sucking- Avoid These Common Mistakes Most Parents Try

It is very difficult for most parents to stop the thumb-sucking habit of their child. 

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1. Try the most affordable anti-suction device and hope for the best. If that doesn't work, take it seriously

Thumb sucking is a severe interest for your child and you should not take the addiction lightly. If your child tries to stop sucking their thumb and fails, they may become frustrated, lose confidence, and be less inclined to try other things. 

With your hectic schedule, there's no time to fail and start over. It is better to make sure that you and your child are ready, that you have talked about it, and you are both ready.

2. Punish your child if you catch them sucking their thumb

Studies show that negative reinforcement (punishment) lowers motivation and results in a 300% lower chance of quitting thumb-sucking. Don't argue, criticize, or make fun of your child. Instead, praise your child throughout the day and celebrate every little progress they make. 

Through positive reinforcement, you build their own will and strengthen parent-child relationships. Your child will enjoy the attention, feel comfortable, and be motivated to stop sucking his thumb.

3. Trying to break the habit of thumb sucking during major life events

Preventing finger sucking is probably the hardest thing your child will do when they are little. For them, this can be a major event in life. 

So don't try to stop thumb-sucking during other important events like moving house, the start of a new school year, or just before the birth of a sibling.