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How to Stop Sucking Thumb in Children

All babies have the normal habit to suck on their thumbs. It starts as a comfortable mechanism, when they are young and suck their hands, toys, or even other things but lately, it becomes difficult to drift off. 

There are various methods of how to quit sucking finger habit in toddlers, first thing is that the youngsters are diligent so take into consideration some of the insights that make them to either quit or make stop this habit to a greater extent.

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There’s not anything wrong with this, whilst the kid is young as their jaw-bones and roof in their mouths are making them urge for sucking anxiety. Usually, between the ages of 2 and 4, kids begin to break the custom. Take into account some of the tips:

  • Cover with a cloth/bandage over their thumb. 

  • Put thumb in vinegar or other terrible tasting substance. 

  • Make an attempt to supplant a method for dealing with stress to help them calm the tension in another way 

  • Let the youngster assist you with picking the strategy to enable them to stop (If mature enough) 

  • If it goes further then take help from a dental specialist/hygienist to help clarify why they should stop.

At long last, make certain habits to always encourage them to get good feedback. At the point when your kid isn’t sucking their thumb, mention to them what an incredible occupation they are doing.