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Tag: Thumb Sucking in Children

Innovative Ways To Get Your Child To Stop Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking has many different negative effects for young kids, particularly if it lasts for a very long time period. Misaligned jaws and jagged teeth are just a few. Expensive dental processes can resolve a whole lot of these problems, but why go through all of the pain and hassle if it is possible to stop your kid from thumb sucking.

Fortunately on the marketplace today there are a few secure and dependable products geared to assist kids stop thumb sucking.  You can easily buy this appliance for thumb sucking from the market and stop your kid from continuing this silly habit.

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If your kid has been sucking for a long duration of time then they might want the suggestion of a dentist so as to fix their teeth as they are young and their jaw remains tender. You can visit a dentist who is specialized in young children's teeth issues and thus it is ideal to find a trusted one in your region.

3 Products that can Help Your Child Quit:

1: Get your hands on a decent children's book that educates about removing bad habits. For example, “The Bernstein Bears and the Bad Habit”. This publication focuses purely on thumb sucking.

2: Buy thumbsters that are a breathable and comfortable Lycra apparatus that kids wear on their thumb to remind them to not suck. The maker of the item boasts that it has helped tens of thousands of kids to stop thumb sucking.

3: ‘Thum Liquid’ is something which includes cayenne pepper extract, uric acid and other components which don't taste sweet so as to prevent your child from needing to suck.