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Five Possible Side-Effects Of Thumb Sucking

As children get older they can develop the habit of sucking the finger or thumb. Unfortunately, thumb sucking can have long-term negative side effects, if the habit persists after age four.  So, as a parent, you need to stop thumb sucking habits of your child. Possible side effects of prolonged or intense sucking thumb include the following five.

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1. Open Bite

Malocclusion is the permanent type of side effect of thumb sucking. Malocclusion is a categorical term that describes a misalignment of the tooth that is visible when the mouth is closed. The types of malocclusion caused by thumb sucking are overbite and an open bite.

2. Overbite

Overbite occurs when the teeth become outwardly. This misalignment is limited to the upper teeth. This means that the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth. Overbite malocclusion can affect the shape of the face and smile.

3. Skin Problems

Children who suck their thumbs over the years may experience skin problems or serious harm. In some cases, the skin may crack and bleed. If your child is having major problems of the skin due to thumb sucking, you may need to discourage the behavior affected by the thumb bandaged, by placing tguard on the finger or thumb guard. 

4. Speech Impediment

Because thumb sucking affect the development of the teeth and jaw, the habit can also change the way your child eats and talks. Thumb sucking can cause speech disorders, including an inability to pronounce hard consonant sounds such as "D" and "T."

5. Social Issues

Children who suck their thumbs in public can become the target of ridicule. While thumb sucking is a habit of a normal childhood, the more your child grows, other people may judge to continue the habit.


When Should Children Stop Sucking Their Thumbs?

For most kids, thumb sucking stops as they progress from infant to the toddler stage – anywhere from 2 to 4 years old. If children keep sucking their thumb beyond the age of 4, that's when the problems may start.

Permanent teeth start to develop as the child reaches the toddler stage, and constant thumb sucking can begin to have a negative impact. To prevent this thumb sucking habit among your child, you can look for various thumb sucking prevention devices online at amazon.

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Excessive violence or thumb sucking can cause a number of serious problems. These problems include:

  • Misalignment of teeth (known as malocclusion): This could cause an overbite or open bite, which need to be improved in the future through dental care.
  • Skin / Nail Damage
  • Speech Development: For more information about thumb sucking and the development of speech, click here.

How Can I Stop My Child from Thumb Sucking them?

Before you take drastic action, it's a good idea to check with your dentist.

They will be able to distinguish if there are problems with sucking his thumb, and if so, how to fix it. Seek the opinion of a health professional is absolutely essential if you are at all concerned.

If it's determined that it's time to start weaning your child from sucking their thumbs, there are several methods that you can use.

Try talking with your child about the problem, but do not ever be accused of it.

Talking with your child carefully and wisely; thumb sucking is often exacerbated by stress, and angry or depressed confrontation probably will not help the problem.