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Tips For Camping In The Rain

Camping is a pleasure and exciting activity for many people, but a rainy climate at campsites can be a factor. Being planned for rain will considerably improve the camping experience.

What to pack?

All the important items should be placed in an extra small waterproof bag to prevent them from getting wet. In addition, it is important to pack raincoats, waterproof bags, shoes and caps.

Hand warmers and light gloves should also be brought along to keep warm hands in a small waterproof bag when pitching tents and when the tents are dismantled. Therefore, when preparing for the possibility of rain when camping packing the right equipment is very important.

Preparation of the tent for rain

The best type of shelter for rainfall should have a complete separate sheet with sufficient overhang to prevent rain and mud from entering the tent. Additionally, the tent needs to be accurately sealed to prevent water from entering the tent when it rains.

Placement of  tent

When pitching tents, it is highly recommended that the tent is not placed on areas that have angles or slopes nor they be placed on soft ground. Look for areas that are flat and are on high ground when at camp to prevent rainwater from running and seeping into the tent.

After the establishment of the tent has been set up, it is important to lay a floor mat in a tent and fold the edges of the sheet to keep the rain that keeps the rain from forming intent.

Do not set the tent near dead trees or under a tree. Branches of dead trees can fall in a storm and damage the tent.