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Tag: stop toddler sucking thumb

How To Get Kids To Stop Sucking Thumb or Finger?

Thumb or finger sucking is a habit commonly seen in babies and toddlers. They start sucking their thumb in their mother's womb. This action provides comfort to them. 

Kids do it to relax and fall asleep. These habits may not be harmful in terms of children just doing it occasionally. But as soon as the permanent teeth begin to erupt, thumb sucking may be a problem. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to get kids to stop sucking thumb or finger.

This habit can lead to bulging their front teeth or open stings should be improved with dental therapy. So it is better to use products that help to stop toddler sucking thumbs. People can buy a thumb guard for toddlers to help them stop sucking their thumbs.

Some tips to stop thumb or finger sucking habit:

  • Concentrate on the reasons why children suck their thumbs. Most children can use thumb-sucking to calm anxiety or unhappiness.

  • Parents must give praise to their children when they do not suck their thumbs, rather than punishing them when they do.

  • Involve children in choosing a method of stopping, if they are older.

  • Putting bandages or socks on hand can be a reminder to stop sucking her thumb.

  • Consult with an expert to explain the child's thumb sucking effect.