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Home Solar Panels Cleaning In Gold Coast

Whether your home solar panels are roof mounted, pole mounted, or ground mounted, they will be set at an angle. This naturally is an invitation to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and atmospheric pollutants, as well as leaves, branches, saps, bird droppings, and any blowing debris. 

So now we are going to elaborate about the solar panel sanitation in the Gold Coast .

solar panel cleaning

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Manufacturers recommend cleaning of solar panels up to four times a year, preferably in the early hours to avoid a great temperature fluctuation. With a hose and nozzle, you can improve the efficiency of your unit up to 20% with this regular attention. At the same time, the frame and mounts will benefit from a quick spray. 

Considering that a home solar system can last 25 years or more with minimal repairs, adding one more item to your Fall and Spring clean up is well worth the effort. However, there is no loss of pride in hiring a professional window washer if your array is mounted in a precarious location. 

As the market for home solar panels grows, so does the service industry. You can find special cleaning solutions and companies that offer cleaning services. Also available are cleaning systems in which spray heads, connected to a detergent dispenser, and placed on a timer, wash and rinse the array as often as every three to four days.