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Best Times to Have a Haircut Based on Different Lengths


We all have different lengths of hair. There are few with long hair while there are those with medium and even short hair. The main question arises as to what would be the perfect time to have a haircut. If you belong to long, short or medium hair lengths, then these are the times you should probably head over to your saloon.

  1. Those with Long Hair – Along with the length, people who do not use any sort of heat or color are required to have a haircut once in either 3 or 6 months. However, people with long hair are prone to hair breakage.
  2. Those with Short hair – One of the challenges faced by people with short hair is that the hair quickly starts to offer weird looks. The reason behind this is due to short hair having the tendency to grow faster. Therefore, if you have such hair, then getting a haircut once every month is mandatory. Of course, there are people who can stretch to about 6 weeks without needing one.
  3. Those with Medium Hair – Once in 6 to 8 months is the ideal time you should have a haircut if you have medium length hair. Long bobs and layered shoulder length is what you are bound to experience with medium length hair. A great advantage of having medium length hair is that it offers a sharper style during the time of growth.

Regardless of the length of hair you have, make sure you do soft keratin treatment at home for protecting and offering nourishment.