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Arcade: A Place To Socialize

As much as being a place to play video games, arcades offer a social space to hang out.  Prior to the barcade concept they offered a lot of visitors with the same experience as an establishment – games that defined the atmosphere, but conversations and interactions were the mainstays aspects of an experience.

Anyone who's frequented an arcade can tell that the majority of time at these places is usually spent with friends playing all the gold arcade games like pinball, mario, or Skee-Ball Home Arcade Premium.

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However, equally important was the arcade's capability to provide a pre-made live audience. Watching people play alongside you – and conquering the anxiety that this can be – is an integral part of arcade gaming. Much like the online multiplayer and esports gaming, in arcades watching and playing are often and are.

In the end, audiences in arcades build a community about performance, enticing players to go on frequent visits to the arcade and increase their skills to improve their performance – all in the hope to increase or further amaze their fan base. 

It's another instance of how arcades can help you retain and engage your audience every time that a player is enhancing their social status and putting money into the game.

Similarly, game developers and publishers are now able to use audiences and spectators as a way to boost status-driven drivers. They could boost engagement and retention and increase the amount of money that can be made. Incorporating social elements into your game can allow your game to benefit from the benefits that arcades provide, as opposed to arcade games on their own.