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How Does A Hydro Jet Drain Clean ?

A hydro jet is a high-powered waterjet used to clean drains. It uses a rotating nozzle to blast jets of water at high pressure and speeds, scouring away dirt, sediment, and debris. 

Because the hydro jet operates at such high pressures and speeds, it is effective at removing even the most hardened build-up in drains. If you are looking for hydro jet cleaning, visit

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The benefits of using a hydro jet drain cleaner include: 

  • Its high-pressure capabilities remove even the most hardened build-up in drains

  • Its rotating nozzle scours away dirt, sediment, and debris

  • It is effective at removing even the most stubborn stains, scum and gunk from drains

  •  It is suitable for use on both domestic and commercial properties. It is safe to use and does not cause damage to wooden, vinyl, or plastic surfaces

  • Turn the pump on and place the pipe into the pipe opening. You should apply pressure onto the handle and push it down until it stops.

  • Remove the guide ring using a pair of pliers.

  • Place several drops of drain cleaner into the hose end.

  • Place a good amount of water into your tank with an empty hose attached to it.

Leave it connected to your unit.- Insert one end of the hose into your drain opening. They’re important because they prevent leaks or spills in case you accidentally drop some down there.- Attach a garden hose onto your other end.