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Tag: private insurance for travel nurses

Why Private Health Insurance Is The Best Option For Travel Nurses?

Health insurance can be a tricky subject for travel nurses as they are always navigating new jobs. Since these healthcare professionals are constantly concerned with the health of their patients, it is no surprise that they also need to worry about their own medical coverage.

To prevent a lapse in coverage, some travel nurses choose to purchase their own private health insurance policies. If you are also working as a travel nurse, then you must navigate to for the best private insurance.  While there are likely many reasons that travelers choose to carry their own health insurance policies, here are a few of the most common:

  • Some travel nurses change agencies often, which can lead to lapses in coverage. Since each company has its own rules for waiting periods and how long between assignments you can take off, it can be hard to keep up with insurance coverage. To avoid this issue altogether, nurses can purchase their own plan, which will stay active no matter where they are employed and which agency they work with.
  • The nurse has special healthcare needs. If there are medical conditions or family situations that make it easier for a nurse to purchase their own private insurance, they might choose that route.
  • Private insurance gives travel nurses consistency. While the job may require a lot of frequent changes, private insurance can offer a constant that travel nurses don’t have to think or worry about.

Not all agencies offer insurance benefits, and even when they do, not all coverage is equal. It can be complicated to have to navigate new policies and find new healthcare providers constantly.