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Normal Delivery – The Way of Nature

Pregnancy is a joyous journey wherein you enjoy your transformation from a woman to a mother. Additionally, this is a journey where you bond with your partner and transform into a perfect family. Each step in the pregnancy right from inception to delivery shapes your life.

However, with the growth of innovation and process, the joy of this journey has been eradicated in the name of convenience. This is especially in the case of pregnancy delivery. Many women are opting for cesarean over normal delivery, as they are proven to be more convenient and less painful. So what are the advantages of normal delivery? Let us look at a few factors:

normal delivery, newborn unit

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Safe for you and your baby

Natural birth is a process that does not require any medication, especially when it comes to taking pain medication. Although it is not scientifically proven that medication would affect your unborn baby, it can affect your body.

This, in turn, can affect the natural delivery process, which in turn can impact your baby. By avoiding medication, you reduce the chances of any complication that may arise during the pregnancy process.

Natural Childbirth is Often Healthier for Mom and Baby

Normally the medication that is given to reduce the pain during labor would be paired with medication to speed up the contractions. This, in turn, affects the labor process, leaving women with limited time to recover between each contraction.

This process leaves the women to consume less oxygen, which can affect the fetus. Epidurals also have a slight chance of affecting the response of the body, which may increase the body temperature.