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Similac Lawsuits For Causing NEC In Premature Infants

Product liability lawsuits for Similac were brought recently, claiming the beloved baby formula has been causing a lot of premature babies to contract an extremely dangerous intestinal disease called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

The company is currently studying the possibility of filing a Similac lawsuit against the manufacturer of the product, Abbott Laboratories Inc. for not warning customers about the risks of NEC connected to Similac. The result in a NEC baby formula lawsuit could lead to a significant financial settlement.

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Similac is the most popular baby formula that is made from cow milk. Similac is used by infants as a substitute for breast milk that their mothers give them.

Recent research in the field of medicine and science has proven that the use of bovine milk formulas such as Similac to babies who are premature significantly increases the risk of developing a serious intestinal condition called necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC).

NEC is a highly virulent bacterial infection that affects the digestive system of infants that can trigger rapid destruction of the tissues within the walls of an infant's intestines.

NEC cases can vary in severity, from mild NEC that can cause minor discomfort, to extreme NEC which could pose a life-threatening risk for babies. NEC can trigger extreme intestinal inflammation as well as intense pain.

The volume of NEC baby formula lawsuits continues to grow, and the ongoing Similac lawsuits that are filed in federal courts will likely be combined into a brand new "class-action" MDL (multi-district litigation).

MDLs are used in the mass tort of liability litigation. It is similar to class actions in the traditional sense however, the cases are distinct and are only joined to permit pre-trial discovery.