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Audio Branding – Can it Really Be Achieved?

Audio-visual media, particularly films and TV series, are an enormously important vehicle for manufacturers to gain widespread brand recognition.

Visual branding predominates:

Visible brand cues abound. We all know how car makers are competing to place their products in films, how film heroes glance at their watches with the manufacturer's logo clearly visible, how drinks are served from bottles with the labels in plain sight. You can also look for the best audio branding company by clicking at

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Audio branding must combine technology and marketing:

Product-related sound effects, jingles and audio signatures have been around for a while, but being an attempt to artificially connect a certain sound with the brand, they do not represent a genuine brand sound.

While the sound of opening a beer can, for example, is a definite audio cue, it is only generic. The sound doesn't evoke a mental image of a certain beer, it's just beer.

Mobile phone manufacturers have tried to establish an audio presence in our minds by installing clearly recognizable, unique ringtones as default in their handsets. Yet these can be changed by the users, and many do so, after which the uniqueness is gone.

Steps in the right direction:

These are clearly steps in the right direction, although we must say that a little sceptical about the man-in-the-street being able to distinguish the sound of a Mustang passing by from any other vehicle with a similar type of engine. Associating the thud of a closing car door with a certain make of car is even more difficult.

Intentionally or purely by chance, its mechanism makes an unmistakable sound. What is particularly ingenious about this is that the product does not even have to be in sight.