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Tag: metal roofing installation

How Much Does Metal Roof Installation Cost?

A metal roof is a term to describe roofs that are made from a variety of different metallic elements. There are options to what you can choose and companies that specialize in metal roofs usually offer roofs in steel, aluminum, and tin. Depending on your budget and overall home goals, you may even be able to opt for roofs made of copper or zinc.

So, how much does installing a metal roof cost? There are a couple of factors that could make your metal roof installation costs higher. If you have multiple chimneys or other roof features that make the roof more difficult to build, you should expect to pay more. It’s also more expensive to install a high-pitch metal roof.

Despite higher costs, metal roofs are preferred by the majority of people due to their amazing benefits. Residential metal roofs are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. They can make a bold architectural statement or complement any home. 

Metal is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable roofing material available. Metal roofs are virtually 100% recyclable and are made with a minimum of 25% recycled material, depending on the specific metal.

Unlike asphalt or other roofing styles, a metal roof can handle just about anything mother nature can throw at it. Metal roofing can protect your home against extreme temperatures, hail, high winds, and fire—all with minimal maintenance.