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Kids Bedroom Accessories – Stuff Your Kids Would Love

Investing in quality storage pieces will allow you to maximize floor space. Choose timeless pieces that are also functional. Incorporate the bed into the overall design, leaving as much floor space as possible. Also, choose timeless pieces that will stand the test of time. This article will walk you through the selection process. We hope you will find these tips helpful! Happy decorating! Here are some tips to ensure your child’s bedroom is an extension of your child's personality:

Make the bed feel specifically incorporated into the design

The first step in creating a children's room is to make the bed feel specific to the room. Adding a contrasting paint color to a plain wall makes the bed stand out, and it can play off a simple design. A warm orange mountain scape adds interest to an open shelf, complementing pale wooden furniture. A carefully planned design keeps the room tidy and attractive.

Keep the floor as free as possible

To make the floor space as functional as possible, consider installing shelves. You can buy laminate flooring, which replicates the look of wood but is chemical-free. You can also opt for cork flooring, which is sustainable and will last for many years. You must remember to avoid installing a peg rail above a sleeping child. However, you may want to consider installing a small desk for your child.

Invest in a high-quality storage piece

Investing in a high-quality storage piece for your child's bedroom is an excellent way to maximize space and save money on the overall design. You can also paint the storage piece to fit in with the rest of the bedroom design scheme. While yellows, blues, and pinks are often the colors of choice for children's rooms, grays and whites can work just as well. You can also buy storage options from brands like Ikea, which are designed to fit in with small spaces.

When shopping for children's furniture, consider the space available in the room. For example, a child's bedroom is likely to be smaller than a parent's, so you'll need to consider how much space the room has. To maximise space, use clever combinations of floating shelves and bookshelves. If space is an issue, try not to overcrowd the room, but instead use the wall space to display books and artwork.

Choose timeless pieces

Rather than buying new furniture every few years, it's best to invest in classic, timeless pieces for your kids' bedrooms. Investing in classic pieces ensures that the room stays stylish for years to come. Neutral colors are more versatile than ever, and if your child grows out of their bedroom accessories, you can buy new ones to match their tastes. The same goes for lighting, too. While traditional lights might not be for your child's room, they will still add a charming feel to any room.

One way to ensure a classic look in your kid's bedroom is to choose items that are a classic. These pieces can be anything from a framed print to a chalkboard. Choosing timeless pieces can also help you avoid frequent bedroom clearouts. Oliver Furniture, for instance, makes junior beds that can easily be converted into a cozy day bed. They are also made of wood and feature a simplistic design that will last for years.

Invest in a natural-fiber rug

There are many different options for kids bedroom accessories, but there is one item that is a sure bet to make a statement: a natural-fiber rug. These rugs have become popular with designers, because of their durable, earthy texture. They are also available in a wide variety of styles. Natural-fiber rugs are typically made of hemp, sea grass, jute, or sisal.

Abaca rugs, for example, are made of long vegetable fibers known as jute, which are low maintenance and feel soft to the touch. They are not as durable as sisal, but they are soft under the feet. While they don't wear as easily as wool, they are perfect for low-traffic areas. You can also choose to mix and match abaca with other softer materials, such as cotton.

Layer patterned or colorful pillows on top of a natural-fiber rug

To get your child to cuddle up on the bed all day, layer patterned or colorful pillows on top of rugs. Choose a rug that matches the style of the room, and opt for natural fibers such as wool. If you're working with a limited budget, a patterned or colorful pillow layered over a natural-fiber rug is the ideal solution.

When it comes to selecting rugs, choose a natural-fiber option with a vintage-inspired pattern. Choose a rug with at least 50 percent wool, which feels plusher than a jute rug made entirely of jute. Choose a patterned rug with a vintage-inspired pattern to make the room feel cozier and more inviting.

Choosing Kids Bedroom Accessories

Decorative accents are a fun way to add character and charm to a child's room. These accents can take many forms, including wreaths, wooden garlands, wall art clips, and other decorative pieces. A picture frame is a great choice as a decorative accent, as are wall clocks affixed to a twin bed. Wall hangings also make good accent pieces. A child can even use a picture frame to hold a special object, such as a treasure map.

Animal-themed accessories

Bringing animal-themed decor into a child's room is a fun way to foster a love for animals. Animals have positive social and educational benefits and exposing a child to these creatures is a great way to create a positive environment. Luckily, decorating a child's room can be fun and easy. Here are some tips for creating a room with animal-themed décor. Once you have decided on a color scheme and animal-themed decor, you're ready to start hunting for some kids room accessories.

A great starting point is a wallpaper with your child's favorite animal. Whether your child is a fan of tigers, giraffes, or elephants, you'll find wallpaper to match. Other great ideas include stuffed animals. Stuffed animals come in a variety of sizes and colors. You can also glue one to a wood surface for wall art. Or, you can paint an animal head to look decorative and use it as a hook or hanger.

Accent pieces

One of the most important things to look for when purchasing accent pieces for a child's room is storage. Storage can be found in various forms, from closed cabinets to baskets. Kids need to be able to access and use storage spaces, so choosing pieces with dedicated storage space is an important aspect of choosing the right accent pieces. Having designated storage space can also help your child stay organized and on schedule. Listed below are some tips to consider when purchasing accent pieces for kids' bedrooms.

To add some personality to a child's bedroom, consider adding wall art. This decor element can be reflected in the child's interests and help add character to the room. You can choose wall art that is handmade or framed by your child. You can also purchase affordable stencils to add more detail to the piece. Then, replace the books with other accent pieces to make it even more unique. In a rustic-themed room, you can use silhouetted pine tree decals to draw the eye and create a cabin-like feel.


If you're looking to add some style to your kid's room, rugs are a great option. If you're choosing the right color and theme, they can be a great addition to a coastal or beach-inspired decor. These colors go well with light-colored furniture, and they're also perfect for calming rooms. A coastal decor rug is typically made of natural materials, and it's a good choice for this theme because it shows off muted colors.

Children's bedrooms are constantly changing, so it's vital to consider their preferences before deciding on the right rug. For example, a pink shabby-chic rug is a great choice for a girl's room, while a woolen kilim is a great choice for a boy's room. A pink shabby-chic rug matches the bed pillows in a boys room, and provides an interesting covering for a plain floor.


If you're decorating a child's bedroom, you can add unique bookends to the mix. There are many types and styles of bookends, and they fit into just about any room. You can choose from rustic bookends, which look like pieces of stone, or modern, which look like a sleek piece of metal. A personalized option is even available! For an extra special touch, get your bookends customized!

For a child's room, consider using a set of sturdy bookends. If your child is an avid reader, these sturdy bookends will make reading fun! Marvel fans will love this set of bookends, and Mickey fans will love the Mickey set. Bookends can be purchased at your local children's store or online. There are many more options available, so pick a set that will bring joy to your child's bedroom.

Wooden toys

Your child is sure to enjoy playing with a wooden toy box. This classic game of tic-tac-toe will stimulate the imagination and cultivate creativity in a young mind. It also has other benefits, such as being better for the environment than plastic toys. While plastic toys are less expensive, they break faster and get thrown away, ultimately filling landfills and the oceans. You can buy wooden toys made from different types of wood and stain colors to match the room decor.

Besides being a great decorative accent, wooden toys are also functional. They can serve as helpers to finish homework or organize drawers. They also teach valuable lessons like saving money. And what child doesn't want a piggy bank? Kids can be taught how to save money with wooden money boxes! And if they want to learn, they can purchase a wooden money box and play along with it. If you're unsure about what to buy your child, consider some of these tips for choosing wooden toys for kids' bedrooms.