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Tips for Managing Your Diabetes

Diabetes is an epidemic disease that affects more and more people today. No need to panic when diagnosed with diabetes. This is bad news. It can be devastating at first. Fortunately, diabetes is a manageable condition. By reading this article you can find the more information about best diabetes and kidney specialists in San Antonio, South Texas.

Tips for Managing Your Diabetes

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By following a few simple steps to keep diabetes under control and still a healthy life you deserve. Here are some tips on how to manage your diabetes successfully:

Learning more about your diabetes – Knowledge of the disease will help you do what is good and avoid what is bad for the disorder.

It makes you feel better and help to reduce the chances of developing serious complications. A healthy balanced diet including a variety of foods from each group of grain products, vegetables and fruits, dairy products and meat and alternatives will keep your blood glucose at normal levels.

Keeping your weight within a healthy range, shed extra pounds if you're overweight, especially if you have type 2 diabetes – Maintain normal weight and healthy will help your body's ability to use insulin properly and keep your blood sugar at a normal level,

Try to be physically active – 20-30 minutes of exercise every day will be very helpful. Exercise can improve insulin sensitivity, lower the risk of heart disease, and lose a few extra pounds to make weight at a normal rate. However, some of the complications of diabetes may be making some kind of exercise program is not suitable for you.

Activities such as weightlifting, jogging articles, or high-impact aerobics may be a small risk for people with diabetic retinopathy due to the risk of further blood vessel damage and possible retinal detachment.