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Power Of Stem Cells In Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes disadvantage

When a person has type 1 diabetes, these beta cells are destroyed by our immune system, whereas in type 2 diabetes these cells cannot take up the required amount of glucose.

This occurs when they can't feel insulin or can make only a small amount of insulin. Daily blood sugar tests and insulin shots have become the traditional treatment options for diabetes available to humans.

Scientists have now taken diabetes treatment to the next level with stem cell therapy. Poseidonia Healthcare is pioneering the use of Pluripotent Stem Cells for medical treatments.

Recent studies

Scientists recently tested pluripotent cells, creating cells that respond to glucose and secrete insulin, similar to beta cells.

Several other clinical studies are being conducted to increase the effectiveness of stem cell therapy in diabetes.

Despite a lot of research on the potential of stem cells to treat a wide variety of diseases, including diabetes, the secret to the root cause of diabetes remains a mystery to scientists.

When the reason our immune system starts destroying beta cells is known, diabetes treatment can provide flawless and life-changing results for people with diabetes.

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