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Tag: Image Forensics Software

Why A Computer Crime Lawyer Should Have Knowledge About Computer Forensic?

When you are charged with computer crime, you want an attorney who will do all she can to defend you. Staying out of jail, avoiding a criminal record and protecting your family is the most important thing to you.

Then why are you going to hire a lawyer for a computer crime who knows everything about computer forensics?

Computer forensics is the art and science of applying computer science to help the legal process. This is a vast subject area having various tools and techniques to be studied, like automatic camera calibration. It requires a deep knowledge of computers and networks, which is why many lawyers do not even bother to learn it.

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Thus, it is impossible for even the most difficult on the basic concepts of computer forensics in this article. Instead, I will highlight how and why it is important for lawyers to understand when defending the computer forensics computer crime cases.

In almost every case, the state will have a computer crime expert who will discuss computer forensics. Thus, you may need an expert too. If you have one, it can help you make sense of their expert reports and testimony.

However, this person is not a lawyer. Only rely on the input they basically changed the defense case to non-lawyers. Thus, you should be able to understand what they say experts both in the report and their testimony.