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Tag: Horse Supplements

Phases Of Horse Breeding

The hormones that control the reproductive cycle of the horse like a waterfall. They are produced in a horse brain and flow through the body of the horse to the reproductive organs. This is called a cascade effect.

Mares cycle many times during the breeding season; This is called polyoestrous. One cycle, on average, 21 days long. In the fertile phase of the cycle there when the horse is considered 'season'. It usually takes about 5 days but varies from horse to horse. The mare will usually begin cycling from about 12 months onwards. You can buy high quality, all-natural horse hormones online.

The horse's reproductive years can be divided into three stages:

1. Cycling Stage – when the horse is biking (each cycle being, on average, 21 days) including the fertile period of about 5 days.

2. Non-Cycling Stage – occur in winter when most horses do not cycle and infertility.

3. Transition – occurs twice a year, late autumn and early spring. At this time, the horse could display unexpected behavior or unusual behavior. He also gave a performance in the season during this transition period, though he did not.


A 21-day cycle of ovulation ovulation measured horses. The first day is the day of ovulation. the cycle can be divided into two phases:

1. Stage estrus is a fertile period that lasted from the first day to about 5 or 6. It was at this time that the horse is receiving the horse.

2. Phase oestrus is a non-fertile period of the cycle. This phase lasts for about 15 or 16 days.