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What Is Criminally Negligent Homicide?

Criminally negligent homicide is when someone's death is caused by the way that another person was irresponsible. The first person will have been killed due to the negligence of the other person. To get more information about homicide lawyer Denver you can visit

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This is different than murder or even manslaughter because the second person did not directly kill the first person with a weapon or in some other way. However, they still need to be held responsible for that person's death because they were so grossly negligent that death could not be avoided. 

The things that they did put the other person in danger and eventually led to their death even though the person being charged should have known better and should not have allowed such a dangerous situation to come about.

An Example With An Expert

If someone is considered to be an expert and is put in charge of other people, he or she is then held to a higher level of responsibility. If one of the people dies, the expert can be held responsible. 

If a person is a hiking and camping guide and takes a group of people into the mountains for an excursion, they could be held responsible for a disaster that befalls the group if they did not do enough to protect them or if they took unnecessary chances. 

If they left all of the food in the camp, for example, and a bear attacked, they could be held responsible for the attack because an expert guide should know that food needs to be kept outside of the camp.

An Example In Everyday Life

Coaches for school-level athletic teams can sometimes be held responsible in the same fashion. If a football coach told a player that he could not have any water and then forced him to run in the mid-summer heat as a punishment, that coach could be charged if the player collapsed and died. 

The coach should have known to give the player water and to be careful with the heat. If precautions were taken and the player still died, however, the coach may not be charged if it was deemed that he did everything in his power.