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Types Of Services Offered By Headstone Companies

 The sendoff for loved ones helps to indicate the kind of respect they are accorded for the last time. However, monument companies help to ensures that the memories of such individuals are retained forever. Such is done in different manners depending on the choice of the family that has lost a loved one. One should know the wide variety of options they have to make a great choice. Below are the types of services offered by Kansas headstone companies.

Grass markers. These normally lie flat on the ground at the site where a person has been buried. They are normally preferred for their simplicity and numerous cemeteries have zero restrictions on their installation. They normally feature a description of the individual who has been buried including a name as well as a short history such as birth and death dates. Because of their simplicity, they are normally cheap to get and install on the grave.

Upright gravestones. These are normally a bit more advanced than the grass markers because they are upright. Although they can vary, normally they include an upright and firm monument that displays details of the dead person. The variations on size of such monuments depend with their cost or cemetery policies. Such size also determines the kind of inscriptions that are included on the said monument but it can also depend on the aspirations of clients.

Laser etching. This is mainly a means of making inscriptions on either the grass markers or upright gravestones. Normally, a lot of gravestones get carved markings as the inscriptions which tend to get rubbed off easily. However, for the laser writings, the details tend to have more durability and also are more aesthetic. They tend to have a higher price as compared to the normal kinds.

Bronze monuments. The monuments designed from bronze are visually appealing and as such attract more attention. They are a notch higher as compared to the other types of monuments and they can be shaped as either grass markers or upright stones. They can also be customized in different means depending on the wishes of clients. They are easier to clean and maintain and their durability is immense.

Cremation services. This is yet another service offered by monument establishments. Some people prefer to have their loved ones cremated and their remains preserved in engraved containers or monument boxes. It is an honorable sendoff as numerous other kinds of burials and the monuments containing the ashes signify immortalization of the dead individual.

Benches. Bench monuments are ideal for those people who love to frequent the burial sites of their family members or friends. As such, they are quite common and they can be attached to the grave or constructed to stand alone by the side of the grave.

Overall maintenance. Monument companies also offer maintenance for the monuments. This includes renewal of old monuments or carving out of letters that may have worn out. A properly maintained monument is always appealing and a sign of respect and love to the dead person.