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A Simplified Guide To Installing A Grounding Rod

An electric system cannot be said to be correctly installed and safe if there are no lightening arrests. They create a channel whereby stray electricity which emanates from a malfunctioned equipment is dispensed safely out of the building. Before the process of installing them begins, there must be a specific place where the installation should take place. For planning and safety planning, one should hire a qualified and experienced electrician to install them. For more information, read on for a simplified guide to installing a grounding rod.

The location of this equipment should be near the electric panel. The installation should happen outside in a place where they can be put into the ground. As much as there is no specific distance, the system should be far from the building. However, make sure it is in a spot that is easily reachable and convenient.

The next thing is to plan and prepare a channel where the electrode conductors will be grounded. The electrode conductor wire is connected from the equipment to the main electric panel, and it should be done in a way that it is well positioned. When picking a spot to drill the electrode wire inside the house, make sure its nearby.

In this case, installation should not happen in rocky places or those spots that are highly compacted. Because the equipment has to be put deep into the ground, there is a need to avoid those areas where you feel there are excessive rocky. Also, it is essential to note that its hard to avoid the rocks or know where they are lying but its possible to keep away from areas where you feel are full of rocks.

Know the location of other wires or pipes in the ground and most especially those near the route you have picked. There might be water pipes and internet cables that should not be damaged. For better placing call the national hot line and have it installed free of charge. You can also use the utility companies from within.

You need to know the right equipment to purchase. This equipment must be made from specific metals that can conduct current and also of the right length and width. When you head to a store, buy one that is made specifically for that function. Good lighting conductors have a certification showing they are approved.

The electrode conducting wire should then be pulled to a place where the rail has been placed. The cable should be of the right size to ensure that the connection is maintained permanently. There must be a little bit of slack just in case to ensure that the link is not dislodged when there is an outside force.

When all the other processes have happened, the other key thing is to clap the electrode wire to the rail. There are specific tools that are used to clamp the two together in a safer manner. After that, the conducting connection has to be connected to the ground bus where neutral wires are attached to the electric panel. You can hire an expert to complete the job.