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Tag: Groundhog Trencher

Using The Groundhog Trencher For Digging Trenches

All the groundhog trencher parts are of high quality and have been designed for long life, with less maintenance. Tapered roller bearings and a double row of ball bearings have been used for smooth operation, low maintenance. The trencher is made from heavy gauge steel so that it does not get damaged quickly and is powder-coated to prevent corrosion. You can also browse this website to buy trenchers for sale.

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The trencher is user friendly and even operators who are not familiar with the trencher can easily use it for digging trenches. The roller digging chain is solid so that trencher can be used for a longer period of time. The wide pneumatic tires used in the equipment have tubes for greater stability

The groundhog trencher will move only in the direction of the trenching because of the ratchet-like mechanism in the equipment, making it easier for the operator to dig the trench quickly. A handle to control depth can be set in any of the three positions while digging, and the auger for side delivery piles up the dirt which has been dug separately so that it can be easily removed.

The different sizes of trenchers are available with carbide tipped shark teeth or carbide tipped bullet teeth depending on the soil where the trenches have to be dug. The shark blade with smaller teeth will quickly and smoothly dig a trench in soft soil with small roots and other objects. The Bullet blade has larger teeth and is more suitable for rocky terrain. The trencher has handles built-in so that it can be easily transported from one place to another.