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Auger Protection and Repair Options

Have you ever faced the unfortunate prospect of a broken or worn-down auger? Replacing an auger can be an expensive proposition, but there are other options to be considered before replacing an auger. You can also hop over to this site for buying augers accessories.

What are these auger protection and repair options? Let's take a look at a few of them in further detail.

Roll bars – Installing roll bars on your machinery and equipment will protect your augers and flight from the wear and tear they might otherwise be exposed to.

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Thicker flight – Using a thicker stock material for your conveyor's, mixer's, or parts blaster's flight can extend the life of your auger, thereby reducing the need to repair or replace in the future.

Hardfacing – Studies have shown that hard facing both the auger and the flight can increase service life by up to 50%. Under normal operating conditions, this could add up to an auger with a usual 10-year lifespan lasting you 15 years.

Don't assume disposal is your only option – In many cases, your augers can be repaired. Depending on how much you want to spend, this repair can be undertaken with the same materials you're currently using or with enhanced materials. Either way, you'll save a bundle by repairing versus replacing with new augers.

An expert in flighting can guide you through your many auger protection and replacement options. In the process, they can provide a timely and cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment by supplying replacement auger flight to your exact specifications. They can also do their own repairs or bring your existing conveyor screw into their facilities to rework your augers to meet your needs.