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Know The Working of Golf Simulators

Nothing is more enjoyable than a game of golf with cool breeze and a great golf course to spend some quality time with friends or just to improve your game. But sometimes this perfect game can be ruined by the real world. Most of the people are busy with their work so they hardly get any time to go to a golf course and play. 

This is where Golf Simulators come into picture. It is a computerized golf game which can be setup in your office/home which imitates the real golf where you can improve your skills and at the same time enjoy it at the comfort of being at home or workplace. If you are searching for golf simulators visit Gamer Gear Direct

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These simulators are the closest choice available to have the real experience of playing golf. These high-end machines are available from several hundred dollars to 50K dollars depending on the technologies used and the hardware specifications.

We will now look at the working of these high end machines. 

In a real golf game, you step to the Tee and take the swing. If you are good enough, you hit the ball launching it in the air and then maybe landing it on the green. The process is the same with the golf simulator except you have a projected screen in front of you which displays realistic images of the golf course. 

This projector is connected to a computer with sensors to capture every aspect of your shot. These sensors are mostly infrared based. Some new simulators come with high speed cameras to capture the motion of the ball. These motion trackers are placed around the projected screen. Some simulators include 3 high-end cameras for better analysis of the ball.

After the ball hits the screen, all the information collected by the sensors is sent to the computer. Then it is the software on the computer which analyzes the shot. It evaluates the shot, speed angle, distance, spin and trajectory of the ball. Some systems even monitor your swing movement and give suggestions to improve it.