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All About Hiring General Contractors

Your building project will be greatly affected by the general contractor you choose. You will have a successful construction project if you hire a reliable, trustworthy, and competent general contractor.

You can expect the opposite when you hire a general contractor who doesn't know what he's doing.

This is why you should look for someone or a company that is skilled and has a track record of successfully completing tasks. You can hire a general building contractor at


This is important to remember. You are hiring a general contractor to handle everything. After you sign the contract, all details are his responsibility.

His job is to complete the work he or his crew can perform and to sub-contract any other work he can't do. He is the contractor and holds the contract for construction.

This is an important aspect to remember because too many people forget the "general" aspect. 


Let me make a point. The contract is signed by the builder or owner with the general contractor. They then negotiate terms for payment and the estimated completion of the job.

The builder can then take it out of his hands. The builder's job is to check the progress of the work and to write another check to "GC" when the stages have been completed.