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Tag: frameless shower screen

Adding a Glass Shower Screen to the Bathroom

Decorate your bathroom with a dramatic glass shower screen. Screens are a wonderful alternative to shower curtains or traditional glass shower doors.

They come in a variety of styles, from simple and traditional to contemporary sophisticated and can be easily adjusted to fit your functional design needs. Practical and stylish, they present a clean and fresh look in any bathroom.

If you want to install a glass shower screen, then you can buy it from

Shower screens can be made to fit the needs of a private shower and / or bathtub. Glass enclosures vary in many ideal styles, such as single shower doors, aligned shower lines, bypass shower sliding doors, free barrier shower enclosures, neo-angle showers, and more.

Glass craftsmen will create matching pairs for each home. Unlike traditional glass shower doors, screens can be made without frames which facilitate cleaning and allow unlimited views of the shower/bathtub area and the ability to see workmanship in ceramics or glass tiles.

There are many types of glass available for each style and design, including opaque or opaque appearance, embossed, clear, tinted, or carved glass.

With the flexibility of glass, one can be very creative and original and maybe even an artist sketching glass to increase eye attractiveness. Glass craftsmen will also be able to do custom work on glass doors, so be sure to ask what their specialties are when asking for a quote.