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What Are The Different Types Of Car Transport?

There are thousands of various models and classifications of vans, cars, and trucks on the market. But did you know that there are ways to transport any type of vehicle?  There are lots of different trailers and vans on roads that ship across the country. 

Therefore, there are many types of auto transport to suit your needs. The key to having smooth transportation is finding out which type of transportation you need specifically for your vehicle.

specialist car transport

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-Open transportation – Your vehicle is exposed to the weather on a flatbed or trailer

-Closed transportation – Your vehicle is located in a trailer or closed container that is protected from the elements. Closed transportation is usually more expensive.

Once you have decided whether you want an open or closed option, you can decide exactly what type of road transport you need: –

Container: A container holds a maximum of one or two cars and fully protects your vehicle from the elements. Due to their small payload, you will receive your car faster than if you ordered a multi-level carrier. 

But there are also those that are more expensive because of additional maintenance, loading, and unloading the vehicle. This option is usually reserved for prestigious retro, vintage and racing cars.

Single-stage semitrailer: A single-stage trailer contains less than a multi-stage trailer but is ideal if you have a large or custom car of a non-standard size.