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Choosing An Audio Interface For Home Music Recording

One of the first pieces of equipment required to record music on your personal computer is an audio interface. The audio interface transforms sound (analog) signals in the microphone or other sound source into digital information your computer can record and process. The collection of ports available to the first time recorder might seem sinister.  Simply ask yourself some simple questions before spending money on an audio interface for home music recording. 

audio interface

1) what type of computer do you use: Mac or PC? First, eliminate interfaces that cannot connect to your computer or aren't supported by your applications.

2) How can the interface link to your PC? Three types of relations are typical:  FireWire, USB or card that goes inside your PC. What connections do you have on your computer today? Are you ready to install a FireWire card? While Firewire is faster, USB 2.0 is significantly more common and will work well. And if you are considering an expansion card, then ensure that your computer has an open slot of the right type.

3) How many inputs will you're recording at one time? Also, notice which type of input you'll need. For example, most microphones will utilize XLR input, lots of tools such as keyboards and guitars use input and remember the MIDI if you're using it.

4) Can you mix multiple inputs, or would you believe expansion? For instance, are you recording a full band? If so, it is well worth considering with at least one control coating or mixer built into the port.

5) What signal quality do you want or need? Greater resolution and sampling levels produce cleaner noise; Great if you require it! On the flip side, higher resolution and sampling rates also produce more information – that may quickly submerge your personal computer chip and take up enormous amounts of disk space. Your work is to strike a balance that meets your own needs.