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Importance Of Gas Range

Value of Gas range In Indoor Air Pollution Scenario

Air pollution has become a significant environmental problem around the world. Burning of fossil fuels releases gases such as CO, NOX, CO2, etc which are harmful to human beings.

Hence the use of gas range has increased to overcome this issue. To know about gas range visit

Outdoor air pollution is thus a significant cause of death globally. However, an alarming rise of premature deaths as a result of indoor air pollution is a cause for worry.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has noted that 3.8 million people throughout the world died prematurely because of illnesses caused by indoor air pollution.

WHO further noted that these are deaths are due to:

Pneumonia – 27 percent

Stroke – 18 percent

Ischaemic Heart Disease – 27 percent

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – 20 percent

Lung Cancer – 8 percent

The reason for indoor air pollution is predominantly due to cooking on a simple range which uses firewood, kerosene, biomass, and others as gas. Burning these fuels will release dangerous gases and soot with a damaging effect on health.

According to WHO, around 3 billion people continue to be determined by cooking meals using these fuels. They need urgent access to a range that uses clean fuel.

Here lies the significance of gas range that's vastly in use today and has been promoted by authorities' world over.

Clean Fuel

The gas used in this range is natural gas. This hydrocarbon fuel is a combination of gases. Methane is the biggest component of this combination with small percentages of alkanes, CO2, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrogen.

When burnt, this gas releases less soot in contrast to other sources of fuel. Soot is among the primary causes of respiratory disorders and contributes to premature death. Thus natural gas is in effect less damaging and shields respiratory health.