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Tag: commercial refrigeration cleaning

Steps To Conserve Energy And Extend Life Of Refrigeration Equipment

Cooling systems should be checked at least twice a year to ensure the system is compliant and does not extinguish any dangerous or harmful emissions.

Keeping your commercial refrigeration systems in optimum running condition will also save on operating capital. Efficient systems will require less energy to operate and reduce the need for fossil fuel-generated electricity.

efrigeration case cleaning

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Unit Clearances: To be able to maintain proper airflow around the condenser coil it's crucial to maintain minimum clearances around units. Most manufacturers recommend 2 to 5 inches of clearance around sides & back of self-contained units.

Gaskets : Daily inspect the door gaskets on all freezers and coolers. Make certain that all four sides of gaskets are making good solid contact with the door framework. 

Check for rips, tears, or lost magnetic strips in gaskets. If gaskets are worn out and not sealing well they need to be replaced. The real key to keeping temperature and reducing run times, in addition to power consumption is a good door seal. 

Door Hinges & Closer Hinges: To ensure that doors refrigeration units close properly most hinges have spring cartridges that assist in shutting the doors.

Doors that are not closed all of the ways will result in excess run time, inefficient use of electricity, and shorten the lifespan of the equipment. 

It will also result in the evaporator coils to ice up. If the closer is functioning properly it must do the rest of the work and pull the door shut.